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Ray Shakuri

San Francisco has an average auto insurance rate of $1,488, which is slightly above the country and state average. This makes the average yearly cost of car insurance in San Francisco approximately 4.1% above California ($1,429) and 4.5% more than that of the country ($1,424).

San Francisco is a weather-friendly city with sunnier days than rainy days. This is very important because you have to drive extremely carefully on rainy days because of the terrible condition of the roads in the city. Results from research done by TRIP showed that 71% of the roads in the city are not in the best condition while 16% are in average conditions. These bad roads only serve to increase the cost of maintaining a car.

Just as with other states, California has its own set of rules regarding car insurance. Drivers in the state are required to drive with at least the minimum car insurance which is guided by the. The rule includes the following

  • $15,000 for bodily injury liability for each individual
  • $30,000 for bodily injury liability for a car
  • $5000 for property damage liability

While the minimum insurance can be useful in providing you some kind of coverage, it is better to go for a full-coverage which include the following coverage 

  • $50,000 for bodily injuries for each person
  • $100,000 for bodily injury liability for each vehicle
  • $50,000 for property damage liability

Average cost of car insurance by company in San Francisco

There are several insurance companies in San Francisco that offer collision and comprehensive coverage policies at affordable rates. We have compiled a list of some of the top companies with the cheapest average rates

  • Esurance – $1,096
  • Progressive – $1,111
  • GEICO – $1,163
  • USAA – $1,301
  • MetLife – $1,316
  • State Farm – $1,347
  • Allstate – $1,519
  • CSAA – $1,525
  • Mercury – $1,613
  • Hartford – $1,648
  • Farmers – $1,790
  • Allied – $1,863

Via (moneygeek)

Average Cost of car Insurance premiums by age in San Francisco 

San Francisco has different prices for car insurance coverage for different age groups. People in their 50s pay the least amount, while people in their teenage age pay the most. The list below is according to data gathered by Zebra, and it contains the average amount different age groups are expected to pay:

  • Teenagers – $8518
  • 20s -$3372
  • 30s – $2196
  • 40s – $2124
  • 50s – $2031
  • 60s – $2034
  • 70s – $2386

Average Cost of car Insurance premiums by marital status in San Francisco 

Gender and Marital factors are two other factors that influence the cost of insurance in San Francisco. According to Zebra, the list below contains the average amount people are expected to pay depending on their gender and marital status.

Average rate by gender:

  • Female – $2260
  • Male – $2257
  • Marital status
  • Average rate by marital status
  • Single – $2159
  • Married – $2159
  • Divorced – $2257
  • Widowed – $2198

Average San Francisco Insurance Rates After a Violation or Accident

Your driving record also determines the amount of money you pay for your car insurance. If your driving record is full of speeding tickets, at-fault accidents, and reckless driving, then you are going to pay more for your car insurance. This also means a clean driving record can significantly decrease the amount of money you pay for car insurance. According to Zebra, the list below contains the average rate of car insurance you may pay in San Francisco based on your driving record.

  • DWI/DUI – $5858
  • Reckless driving – $6022
  • At-fault accident with damages less than $1000 – $2269
  • At-fault accident with damages less than $2000 – $3999
  • Speeding ticket driving between 16 to 20 mph over the speed limit – $3170

San Francisco Auto Insurance Premiums by Credit Score

Your credit score plays a big role in determining your premiums. However, this doesn’t apply in California as it is illegal by law.

Expensive Zip Codes in San Francisco 

Where you stay in the city affects the rates of your car coverage policy. The reason behind this is that the crime and theft rates are different for different city areas.

According to data gathered by Zebra, there is a 19% increase in premium if your zip code falls between 94128 and 94124. The most expensive Zip codes in the city include

  • 94112
  • 94124
  • 94134
  • 94137
  • 94139

Zip Codes with cheaper premiums

The same way there are expensive areas in the city, there are also areas you can stay and pay a lesser premium. According to moneygeek the difference between the premiums in the cheapest and most expensive neighborhoods is approximately $100. The cheapest zip code is 94112, with a yearly premium of $1448, while the most expensive code is 94112, with a yearly cost of $1548. Consider staying in areas with these zip codes if you want to save money on car insurance.






The Best Car Insurance Companies with the best rates with the  San Francisco

If you are looking for a quality insurance company in San Francisco, it is always better to know your options.


This is the second biggest car insurance company in the nation. It is popular among car owners thanks to its competitive rates and nationwide availability. If you are looking for a good combination of affordability and quality, GEICO is a great option. Apart from the regular car insurance, which includes Collison and comprehensive coverage, GEICO also offers other coverage such as:

Mechanical breakdown coverage

This policy provides coverage for repairs to mechanical parts of a new vehicle within 15 months of age and has covered only 15 miles. You can renew this policy for about 7 years or 100000 miles. However, it doesn’t provide cover for wear and tear as well as normal maintenance like tune-ups. 

Rideshare insurance

This is for drivers of rideshare companies like Lyft and Uber. It also provides coverage for delivery services such as Grubhub and Instacart. With this policy, you are covered when using your car for personal use and ridesharing. Instead of going for a regular policy, you can go with this hybrid policy for your ridesharing car. 

Geico’s auto insurance discounts

GEICO has a number of discounts you can use to save money sum of money. You can always qualify for one discount or another, so it’s always a good idea to check for the GEICO list of discounts. Qualifications for discount include:

  • Having safety equipment such as antitheft feature, air bags, and anti-lock brakes.
  • Having a new car that is three model years old or newer.
  • Going five years with no accidents.
  • Using seat belts.
  • Going through an approved defensive driving course
  • Being a full-time student between the age of 16 and 24 with good grades
  • Taking part in an emergency deployment with the U.S. military.
  • Being part of the military or the National Guard Reserves (active or retired)
  • Being a federal employee (active of retired)
  • Insuring more than one car under GEICO.
  • Buying more than one type of insurance policy from GEICO like a car insurance and homeowners policy.
  • Being a member of organizations like sports groups.
  • You also receive a discount for tracking driving habits with GEICO DriveEasy mobile app. However, this might not apply in San Francisco. The app monitors your driving habit such as hard braking and speeding.

GEICO customer satisfaction

GEICO revieved positive customer ratings thanks to its excellent customer service. This is based on the scores realized by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. 

Other features of GEICO car insurance include:


The website features a tool for getting quotes of almost any type of coverage. You can also make your claims and make payments on the site. 

Mobile app

GEICO mobile app has a lot of features you can enjoy as a policyholder. You can view your digital car policy ID card, make claims, pay bills, and track the status of your claims on the app. The app comes with a chat feature that makes it possible to chat with an agent, ask for roadside assistance, and does other things that make your life as a car owner easier. 

Voice assistance 

GEICO has virtual voice assistance called Kate on its mobile app available for Android and iOS devices. Kate is capable of answering your questions as well as providing certain information on your policy. You can also gain access to your GEICO account via google assistant and Amazon’s Alexa.


According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, USAA is the fifth- largest car insurance company in San Francisco the United States. USAA received very positive ratings on both customer satisfaction and financial power. Despite the fact that it is only accessible to active and retired military members and their families, it still offers regular and several extra coverage policies. USAA also offers some discounts which policyholders have to qualify for.

 Some additional insurance policies offered by USAA include:

Accident forgiveness: This is an additional policy that drivers who have gone five years without any accidents can qualify for. Your premium also remains the same even if you are at fault for an accident.

Rideshare insurance: This is a coverage policy that provides cover for Uber or Lyft drivers. These drivers can ensure their vehicles with this hybrid policy when they are between rides.

Discounts under USAA car insurance:

  • Defensive driving discount
  • Safe driver discount
  • Multiple policies (bundling) discount
  • Discount for car owner younger than 21 who go through a basic driver training course
  • Good student discount
  • Discount if your vehicle is three years old or less
  • Multi-vehicle discount
  • Discount for drivers that travel relatively few miles annually
  • Vehicle-in-storage discount
  • Length of membership discount
  • Family discount
  • Discount on comprehensive coverage when you garage your vehicle on a military base.

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