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Ray Shakuri

Riding on new wheels is an interesting adventure; however, not measuring up to the car insurance rule standard of the home state can spoil the fun. Therefore, it is important to nip the matter in the bud so the new wheel can be enjoyed without an ounce of disturbance of getting pulled up and paying fines. These fines range from between $100 to $500 depending on some factors like if it’s a first or second offense, if it’s an issue of invalid insurance or self-insurance etc. In this article, we present to you the cheap car insurance companies in San Diego.

According to Safe roads USA San Diego with drivers on its roads logging more than 12 mile a day and commuters spending about 56 hours in traffic every year, takes its place among the top on the list of cities with the highest congestions in the US. Car accidents are on the increase with 21,534 cases recorded in 2016, a figure showing a five percent increase from cases recorded in the previous year Many of them are fatal and violent, no thanks to upsurge in dangerous driving behaviors and bad road conditions.

It is therefore important to get the arrangements and paperwork in place concerning car insurance in San Diego. Also, you also don’t want to break the bank, and that is why you are probably looking for cheap insurance companies in San Diego. There are many car insurance options with great offers to choose from in the city, and the choice to be made is dependent on a lot of factors such as coverage options, value, services, cost excellence, and so on. The financial strength of the insurance company is also worthy of good consideration, as it reveals if the company actually possess the required claim payment abilities. Insurance pricing sizes are also determined by the choice made by the insured between the minimum coverage package and the full coverage package. Minimum coverage covers protection for damages done to other people’s property, while comprehensive and collision coverage covers protection for damages to your vehicle. 

In need of car insurance with great offers yet cheap cost in San Diego, one with great customer satisfaction, and interaction, good claim handlings, nice policy information with cheap pricing? You are in the right place. Here are seven of the best that fits excellently into the parameter. Please note that the rankings here are set according to average price cover size. However, if other factors like driver age, damages covered and discount offered are factored in, the last on the list may actually become the first. So, here we go….

  • Geico
  • CSAA
  • Progressive
  • Farmers
  • Mercury


Geico is acknowledged as the second largest and third best auto insurance in the US with 35.s billion written premium and 13.8% market share. Geico offers the cheapest quote for insurance after accidents and 30-40 year old drivers. It also features on the list of cheap car insurance for older driver age grades even though it’s not at the top of those. Geico’s average annual rate for minimum coverage stands at $363 annually, while the average price for full coverage is currently at $1,325. 

  • Coverage types by Geico car insurance are:

Liability coverage: 

  • Bodily injury liability
  • Property liability

Medical Coverages : 

Vehicle Coverages  :

  • Collision Coverage
  • Comprehensive Coverages

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

  • Uninsured Motorist coverage
  • Underinsured Motorist coverage

Additional Auto Insurance Coverages

  • Emergency Road Service
  • Rental Reimbursement
  • Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

With Geico, you get to save over 15% of your insurance car policy. Some discounts offered by Geico are:

Discount Potential Savings           Categories

Good Student15%Driver’s Education
New Vehicle Discount15%Vehicle Equipment
Good Driver22% (Five Years Accident-Free)Driving History & Habits
Anti-Theft System23%Vehicle Equipment
Daytime Running Lights3%Vehicle Equipment
Driver’s Educational CourseVariesDriver’s Education
Seat Belt UseVariesDriving History & Habits
Defensive DrivingVariesDriver’s Education
Federal Employee (Eagle)12%Driver Affiliation
Emergency Deployment25%Driver Affiliation

Why Choose Geico?

Even though Geico’s complaint index lies at 0.92, and is shown to be more expensive for higher-risk drivers who have accidents on their records, it still remains one of the cheapest. Geico offer goodies which includes good customer interaction and satisfaction, superb financial strength and great discounts. To cap it all Geico offers rates that are generally acknowledged to be on the low side while also giving great premium reductions (discounts). Geico may not be the cheapest car insurance in San Diego, but  it ranks among the top five on the list any day.


Though not in the top best 5 nationwide, Progressive (established in 1937,) is the third largest car insurance company in the US with Premiums written standing at 32.3 billion and 12% market share. Its customer satisfaction score with J.D Power stands at 856. Like Geico, Progressives insurance is not the cheapest but it is certainly among the cheapest. Its annual average minimum coverage stands at $469, ($106 more than Geico, and) while its full cover insurance is $1,446 on the average, next in line to Geico. With progressive, drivers can end up saving over $750 on average. Amazing discount categories and percentage available in progressive insurance are:

Multi Policy                                                              5%                 Loyalty based auto-discount

Multi car                                                                  4%                                      Loyalty based auto-discount

Continous inssurance                          Average savings varies                   Loyalty based auto-discount

Snapshot: Safe driver discount                          $146 Driver-based auto discount

Teen driver discount                        Average savings varies                   Driver-based auto discount

Good student discount                                        10% Driver-based auto discount

Distant student discount                Average savings varies Driver-based auto discount

Homeowner discount                                          10% Driver-based auto discount

Online quote                                                          7%                                 Discounts for how you quote and buy

Sign online                                                             9%                                  Discounts for how you quote and buy

Paperless                                         Average discount varies                   Discounts for how you quote and buy

Pay in full                                        Average discount varies                   Discounts for how you quote and buy

Automatic payment                      Average discount varies                   Discounts for how you quote and buy

Progressive have other tools to help you save apart from the above discounts, and they are;

  • Compare auto rates
  • Try name your price tool
  • Deductible savings bank

Other saving avenues offered by progressives are; small accident forgiveness, avoid tickets and accidents, large accident forgiveness, and small accident forgiveness. San Diego drivers who have been involved in an accident will find Progressive a good choice and still remains one of the cheapest car insurance companies in San Diego, while those who have not been involved in an accident can get rewards for their carefulness with the Progressive car insurance policy. However, Progressives isn’t advisable for young drivers seeking the lowest auto insurance rates and those who love the perk of good customer service.


Mercury in all the states where it is available in the US has one of the cheapest and most affordable car insurance rates in San Diego. It may not necessarily be a good choice for someone looking for an insurance company with a good service, but for those looking for a low-cost auto insurance company and mechanical breakdown insurance, Mercury is one of the smartest choices.

Mercury’s average minimum coverage price is $539, putting it at number 5 on the average San Diego car insurance minimum policy list, but Mercury’s average full coverage policy price is number 2 at $1,446, beaten only by Geico. Overall for both minimum and full coverage cost, Mercury comes third.

Pathway to Mercury car Insurance Discounts

Premiums in Mercury car insurance policies can be lowered by the following;

  • Owning a home, even if not insured with Mercury 
  • High grade point average Maintenance
  • Auto policy with a digital signature finalizing with signature
  • Multiple types of coverage with Mercury 
  • Insuring multiple vehicles with Mercury Insurance 
  • Equipping the insured vehicle with an anti-theft device 
  • Signing up for Mercury realdrive program

Compared to others, Mercury’s coverage list (, especially the additional ones) isn’t that long. Its coverage list is;

Mercury mechanical protection:

  • 24-hour roadside assistance 
  • Rental vehicle assistance 
  • Road hazard tire protection 
  • Trip interruption coverage 

Rental car coverage: The lower end of this coverage begins at $30 per day and can go as high as $100

Roadside assistance


The third largest auto insurance company in the US, Allstate’s average minimum coverage cost is $682, and its average full coverage cost is $1,799. This price puts it at number 5 on the list. Allstates has a long list of discount offers and advantageous coverage packages. Its discounts are as follows;

Discount type Discounted Coverage Amount

Anti-lock brakes discount      BI, PD, PIP/Med, Coll 10%

Safe driver bonus* BI, PD, PIP 5%

Good payer discount All 5%

Homeowner Discount BI, PD, PIP, Coll, Comp 5%

Multiple policy discount All 10%

Passive restraint discount PIP/MED 10%

Premier discount All 22%

Premier plus discount All 35%

Drivewise All 10 – 40%**

Senior adult discount PIP/MED 10%

55 and retired discount BI, PD 10%

Resident student discount BI, PD, PIP 20%

The Good Hands People discount All 10%

Defensive driving course discount All 10%

Fullpay® discount All 10%

Smart student discount All 5%

Allstate eSmart® discount All 10%

Early signing discount All 10%

Allstate Easy Pay Plan discount All 5%

Anti-theft discount Comp/Comp+Full Glass 2 – 10%

New car discount Coll, Comp 8 – 10%

Daytime running lights BI, PD, PIP/Med, Coll 3%

Utility car discount BI, PD, PIP 15%

Economy car discount BI, PD 10%

Farm vehicle discount BI, PD 10%

However, all states if not for its average minimum and full policy coverage cost wouldn’t have featured in this list as it does not really offer anything exceptional. Also, feedbacks so far have revealed its customer satisfaction handling may just be on the average. Therefore, it may actually not be a bad idea to check out other available car insurance options before Allstate.

Parting Shot

San Diego’s overall average car insurance cost is $1,030 a year, higher than California’s ($841.45) and the national average car insurance cost ($889.01). This may not really come as a surprise, when the study reports of Safe roads USA mentioned at the beginning this piece is taken into consideration.

Good and cheap car insurance is a necessity for the San Diego driver, and a cheap but perfect one is the preferred choice. Here the best options are laid bare. All the options are actually good, just that all of them are lacking one benefit or another, except one, the Farmer car insurance. If therefore the best of the best car insurance in San Diego when it comes to low pricing in comparison to great satisfaction was to be recommended, it will definitely be Farmer.

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