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Ray Shakuri

For drivers in Fresno, a city in California having about 530,000 inhabitants to have the legal right to drive, they are required to insure their vehicles. Since vehicle insurance is a required expense, it is best to make effort to get the best cheap car insurance in Fresno. 

With the rate of casualties and unplanned events happening on the road, getting the appropriate car insurance in Fresno for your needs will give you peace of mind and a protection plan for yourself and your vehicle in a pocket friendly way.

Averagely, the minimum coverage for car insurance rates in Fresno is $719 and $2,006 for full coverage per annum. 

Fresno’s average premiums are more than California’s average premiums per annum, precisely $580 & $2,012 for minimum coverage and full coverage. However, if you are buying car insurance in Fresno, there are several ways to buy your insurance without eating deeply into your account.

Farmers insurance company, Geico, Travelers, Grange, and Wawanesa, are the best and cheap car insurance providers for Fresno residents, with strong financial ratings of A+ or higher from AM Best. 

Before we discuss about the cheap insurance companies available for you in Fresno, we have to first discuss about the insurance requirements in Fresno.

Fresno insurance requirements

To have the legal right to drive in the state of California, you need at least a minimum amount of liability insurance which include the following coverages and limits:

  • $15,000 in bodily injury per person
  • $30,000 in bodily injury per accident
  • $5,000 for property damage

It is not all drivers that are meant to choose the minimum amount of coverage. If you are in an at-fault accident and the damages exceed your insurance amount, you will not have any other choice than to pay the difference out of pocket. 

Besides, liability insurance only covers the reimbursement for the damages you cause others. Full coverage is the best available option if you want to include protection for your vehicle. You might also be required to get a full coverage car insurance policy if you are planning to get a car loan or leasing a vehicle. 

Car insurance discounts in Fresno

While the insurance requirement is known, it is also important to know the different car insurance discounts available in Fresno, and especially what they means.

Many insurance companies offer different types of discounts. The various discounts are offered by these companies can include:

  • Multi-car discounts: You may qualify for discounts if you have and insure multiple vehicles with the same insurance company.
  • Multi-policy discounts: Buying more than one policy with the same insurance company, take, for instance, you buy auto insurance policy and a home insurance policy from the same insurance company, the company may decide to give a discount on each.
  • Good student discounts: Having a full-time student under the age of 25 on your insurance policy may qualify for a discount if the student maintains a high GPA.
  • Vehicle safety equipment discounts: You may be considered for a discount if you have certain types of vehicle safety equipment, such as an alarm system and side curtain airbags.
  • Defensive driving course discounts: Completing an eligible defensive driving course may also qualify you for a discount in some companies. There are insurance companies that offer discounts for that. 

Cheap car insurance companies in Fresno

There are numerous options when it comes to vehicle insurance coverage for car insurance companies in Fresno, and trying to find a cheap car insurance company that will be able to serve your needs can be a very difficult and stressful thing to do. 

However, the most convenient way to start seeking for cheap insurance company around you is to decide what is most important to you for insurance. 

If for instant you are interested in the lowest premium or the discount range catches your attention, then you can decide what cheap means to you. Once you discover what interests you, you can ten go ahead to make your findings on average premiums, customer satisfaction, and financial strength to know the company that is right for you. 

The following car insurance companies have been selected based on their good rating for minimum and full coverage insurance, discount and coverage offered, premium cost, and low insurance rates.

The first company on our list is;


Farmers Insurance Company has varieties of great selections of options regarding insurance coverage, and they also include discounts and savings opportunities. Yet, every one of these benefits comes with the appropriate price. 

Cost of Farmers Insurance

The current average cost of minimum coverage for Farmers in Fresno is $808 a year while the average cost is $2,000 for full coverage.

Car owners who go for Farmers can have savings of up to $175 for minimum coverage and $313 for full coverage.

Nevertheless, Farmers caters to other insurance policy which means that you can have more to save if you use them for your other insurance needs. They also give the insured who choose the company for other insurance services enormous savings.


Farmers offer the best varieties of insurance policies that can be benefited from. The discount are in three categories and they are;

Driver Discounts 

These discounts are for drivers who have tickets. Any accident they get involved in will have surcharges on their rates as long as they are within the chargeable period. 

  • Distant Student 
  • Defensive Driver
  • Federal Employee
  • Homeowner
  • Senior Driver
  • Good Student 
  • Military
  • Occupation 
  • Safe Driver

Vehicle discounts 

Once you have insured your car with Farmers, your car automatically has its vehicle classification code which is also known as an ISO code. These codes affect every casualties like; Bodily Injury, Property Damage, and Physical Damage premiums you get involved with. The code deals with your premium rating. However, you can qualify for discounts that will keep your premiums down when you get the discounts below;

  • Adaptive Headlights
  • Anti-lock Brakes
  • Anti-theft (passive or active)
  • Electronic Stability Control
  • Daytime Running Lights
  • Green Vehicle (for electric cars and hybrids)
  • Newer Vehicle
  • Utility Vehicle
  • Farm Vehicle
  • Passive Restraint
  • Garaging or Storage
  • Vehicle Recovery (for LoJack and OnStar)
  • VIN Etching

Policy Discount

  • Claim Free 
  • Continuous Coverage 
  • Early Signing 
  • Family Plan 
  • Full Payment 
  • Low Mileage
  • Multi-policy
  • Multi-car 
  • Paperless Documents
  • Auto Billing
  • Transfer Discount 

Farmers insurance company offers lots of discount for their policyholder and these discounts make the Farmers one of the cheap car insurance companies in Bakersfield. It also helps them serve their policyholder better.

Why choose Farmers Insurance?

Farmers have a strong history with different car insurance products which you can lower your costs by examining your bundling options and being careful when driving. An additional benefit of Farmers auto insurance is Accident Forgiveness.

The next cheap insurance company is;


Geico, the second-largest insurance company in the United State of America is one of the cheapest car insurance companies in Fresno. It provides the cheapest average minimum coverage premium in Fresno and the second-cheapest for its average annual full coverage premium. Geico was ranked fifth in the 2020 J.D. Power U.S. Auto Insurance Study. Its customer satisfaction rating is 828 out of 1,000.

The company’s greatest claim is that costs for Geico vehicle insurance among others are the most reduced accessible cost available out there. The company achieves this partly with a wide range of discounts which a customer can benefit from when you buy their policy.

Aside from low car insurance rates and solid customer service, Geico offers a different form of savings opportunities, these include military, federal employee, safe driver, good student, and also new vehicle discounts.

Cost of Geico Insurance

The current average cost of minimum coverage in Fresno is $528 a year while the average cost is $1,574 for full coverage.

Drivers who go for Geico can have savings of up to $200 for minimum coverage and $413 for full coverage.

However, Geico caters to all other insurance policies, and you could have more to save if you employ their service for your other insurance needs because they give customers who choose the company for other insurance services big savings.


Some discounts Geico offer are;

  • New car discount 
  • Good student discounts 
  • Defensive driving discount
  • Good driver discounts 
  • Discounts for the usage of seat belt 
  • Multiple vehicle discount
  • Discounts for Multi-policy 
  • Vehicle equipment discounts
  • Discounts for driver education 
  • Military and public service discounts
  • 50years and above discount

Why is Geico a great option?

The fact that the rates Geico charge is mostly low compared to what other car insurance companies’ charges make it a great option for car insurance this is because you can save a lot of money by discounts and bundling.

It also receives high ranking from companies like J.D. Power and AM Best every year and these are the important things need to observe when considering a cheap insurance company in Fresno. When a company ranks well with both J.D. Power and A.M. Best concurrently, then it is evident that such a company is a solid insurance provider. If it a;soAnd this therefore means that you have found that cheap insurance company you need. 

The additional advantage of this insurance company is that it has a mobile app called ‘Geico’s mobile app’. This mobile app allows you to manage everything that has to do with your policy including updating or changing your policy, making a payment, or filing a claim.

The next cheap insurance provider is;


The value and customer service Grange offers enable the company to be able to get into the list of the best cheap car insurance companies in Fresno. Grange got its rating, not from the J.D. Power study but from the customers. 

The customers on the provider’s customer reviews page give the company 4.7 reviews out of 5. ;Grange is often commended for its smooth claims process, customers applaud the high level of communication grange adopts while handling claims. 

Also, the discount Grange offers allows policyholders to save more money ignoring its competitive rates. Grange also offers special discounts for good students, multiple vehicle insurance or having multiple policies, full payment, and a lot more.

Why should Grange be considered?

Grange grant you access to talk to your independent insurance agent about the coverages that are most important to you, such as:

  • Underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage: 
  • Roadside assistance:  
  • Full glass repair: 
  • Rental car reimbursement: 
  • Identity theft.  
  • Original equipment manufacturer coverage.  


Some discounts Grange offer that you may qualify for are;

  • Multiple policies
  • Multiple vehicle
  • Full payment
  • Advance quote
  • OnTrack telematics
  • Safety Tech
  • Safe driver
  • Good student
  • Away at school
  • Legacy loyalty
  • New beginnings
  • Accident forgiveness

The next cheap insurance company in Fresno is; 


Wawanesa car insurance has a huge number of customers’ approval because of its cheap prices on car insurance. This is one of the reasons it is ranked as the best auto insurance company in Fresno.

Talking about car insurance in Fresno, Wawanesa exceeds customer’s expectations. The highest rating in the 2020 J.D. Power U.S. Auto Insurance Study goes to Wawanesa, earning 853 points out of 1,000.

With Wawasena, having more than one car or enrolling for safety or defensive driving course can bring you considerable savings on your vehicle insurance premiums. 

Best of all, Wawanesa online quote tool makes getting car insurance quotes in Fresno simple and stress-free. Not only this, Wawanesa can stand out for other reasons which give it edges over other insurance companies. 

These reasons include a fully functioning mobile app and a strong web presence. Other insurance companies post as little as possible online, but this is an exemption for Wawanesa and coupled with it discount offerings, it this makes it one of the cheapest and most transparent insurance providers around.

Wawanesa is also one of the most coverage insurer companies out there and is capable of protecting your car.

Some of their coverage options are; 

  • Rental reimbursement
  • Bodily injury liability
  • Collision
  • Comprehensive
  • Automobile medical payments
  • Roadside assistance
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist
  • Property damage liability
  • Vehicle manufacturer replacement parts coverage 
  • Discounts
  • Some of the discounts provided by Wawanesa insurance services are;
  • Loyalty discount for policies of one year or more
  • Good driver discount
  • Multiple car discount
  • Driver improvement course discounts for drivers of age 55 and above

Why is Wawanesa a good option to consider for cheap car insurance?

Wawanesa is an outstanding option for an economical car insurance policy you can ever imagine because of the company’s claim. New customers can have a saving of 25 to 30 percent on their insurance. 

The process of getting insurance is reasonably fast. You can also get your insurance directly from the Wawanesa website without dealing with brokers or third-party insurance agents.

The last cheap car insurance company we will be looking at in this article is;


Travelers are the last on our list, and their policies come filled with many values. Travelers offer different options to policyholders that allow them to customize their coverage. Accident Forgiveness will hinder a ticket or an accident from adding charges to your insurance policy. If your car is destroyed during the first five years of ownership, New Car Replacement coverage will provide you with a brand new vehicle. Travelers also offer home and umbrella insurance, and that makes it easier for customers to opt-in for bundle policies.

Discounts offered by travelers are:

  • Safe driver discount
  • Continuous insurance discount
  • Multi-policy discount
  • Hybrid/electric vehicle discount
  • New car discount
  • Early quote discount
  • Good student discount
  • Multi-car discount
  • Driver training discount
  • Student away at school discount
  • Homeownership discount
  • Payment discounts

Why is Travelers a good alternative for insurance?

Travelers is a great insurance option because they offer so many insurance discounts. Their claim is fast and reasonable, and their financial rating is great too. The discounts and coverages these insurance companies provide makes them the cheapest company in Fresno.

Do these cheap car insurance companies mean a bad claims process?

This is far from it. Purchasing insurance from a company that offers mouthwatering or seemingly cheap rates that is too good to be true does not mean that there must be a catch. 

The truth is that there are expensive insurance carriers that do not handle claims well despite them being expensive. Therefore, cheap or low rates insurance company does not determine how insurance carriers will handle rates.  It only prove that these insurance companies have your interest at heart and wants to make insurance easier for their customers. 

Conclusively, it is essential to know that the lower rates and premiums are made out of the various discount and coverages they offer which you also make use of extensively. 

Now, obtaining insurance coverage for your car and yourself should not be so difficult and confusing because you have the best insurance companies that have the best cheap rates you can get in Fresno.

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